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The gay wedding cake case isn't about free speech

Posted 2021-07-01
Masterpiece Cakeshop, The Sequel

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The Supreme Court Wedding Cake Case Isn't About Cake

Phillips then took his case to the supreme court and the justices agreed to take it up after mulling it for several weeks. It is the number we recite when someone asks. But he has struggled with the case of a colorado baker who refused to create a wedding cake for a gay couple.

Today's Supreme Court Hearing Reveals Free Speech Debacle Inside A Gay Wedding Cake Trojan Horse

Monday was a bad day in court for universities and other serial violators of the first amendment. Bizarrely, that's kind of what the supreme court is being asked to decide. Phillips appealed the decision, on the grounds that he's an artist and shouldn't be forced to make something for a ceremony he doesn't agree with.

Bakeries Are

There's a lot of confusion, some of it intentional, over what this case is about.

Supreme Court Hears Case About Same

The facts laid out above cut the legs from under any argument that the bakery was forced to speak in a certain way. Not surprisingly, much of the oral arguments focused on the first amendment. Jamie has always been a performer.

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